The following is my submission to the 2015 Fall CourseHorse Learner's Scholarship,

What’s life when you don’t continue to learn?

It’s nothing compared to what it could be.

My words could reveal, what some cannot see,

Through Science and Math, I’ll make the world turn.

I see a world where the grass is all green,

A place with out pollution in the air.

With technology, the world could be fair,

A place that can’t now be imagined or seen.

This is why learning means a whole lot to me.

I hope you all read this and see what you could be.

I have decided to start uploading some of my drawings onto this site as well, so if you had any comments or constructive criticisms  that'd be great. Also, if you would like to buy any, I will be adding some of them onto my Etsy account, which will be open to sales in August. I hope to read some of your thoughts and opinions, so comment!! :D




My apologies for not updating this site more often, but weebly couldn't run on my old computer. Anyway, I have decided to start up an etsy shop to sell my steam punk jewelry on. So, all of my steam punk fans out there, or any one interested into epic jewelry, please visit when I open it up. I am currently taking pictures of all of my items, and then I will open it up, hopefully, by Friday, August 12, 2013. My shop name will be La Resistance: A Steam Punk Revolution, to search for it directly, my name is ASteamPunkRevolution. Personally, I love the title, but if any one else wants to send me any other names for my shop, I'll gladly take them into consideration. Now I hope that you will all enjoy my shop and hopefully I'll be able to open it up earlier than the day listed, but that will be the latest that it will go up. Now, not to make bad jokes, but have a steam-tastic day! (Okay that was reeeeaaaaally bad, I'll try not to poison your minds with awful jokes anymore, but please visit my shop when it goes up, you won't regret it :D)





1st post

So as it says above, this is my first post, so bare with me here. So i thought I'd start up this blog to get some feedback on my jewelry, photoshop creations and photographs. Also, because I wanted to find cool photographer's and photoshoper's work to see. So if any one knows any one who is really into what they do, contact me through comments. I will try and update this site regularly, and get new stuff up as often as possible. Thanks for reading, and tell me what you think.